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Equality vs. Equity

It takes heart. There’s no way around that.   Equality= Everyone has a pair of shoes.Equity= Everyone has a pair of shoes that fit.     (Photo from Digital Anarchy.)

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Golden rice in Texas? Evaluating genetically engineered rice-by-design

Golden Rice is a saffron-colored bioengineered rice that a lot of people are trying to make a case for. Greenpeace doesn’t support golden rice. Proponents of the non-GMO movement don’t like the idea of altering food in any way, shape … Continue reading

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Amarillo dust storm damages emergency radio station

Today, the dust storm has caused it to rain mud, reduce visibility to 0, caused accidents, and now it’s damaged the emergency radio station. Be careful out there. There’s still the Internet.

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May Day 2014- #decolonize the US picks up steam

A scheduled day of protests in cities all around the country is garnering more anticipated attendees. The protests are Occupy-esque,  and they’re meant to be against the government in general and Capitalism. For more information, please visit the link above. … Continue reading

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Amarillo Area Foundation is there to help the Panhandle

This wonderful site is for one of the area’s crown jewels– the Amarillo Area Foundation, a nonprofit community that works to benefit citizens of the Texas Panhandle. The Foundation was formed in 1957, originally to address the needs of the … Continue reading

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Diamonds in the rough

Abilene! Why? Because. I can’t link it, but there it is. Diamonds are always older than us, remember.  😉

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Giving Lubbock a fair shake: It’s a college town with more to do in it than you’d think.It’s cheap and dusty but there’s Manna. It’s great if you’re a Buddy Holly fan. Also, people know how to improvise, and it … Continue reading

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Texas immigrant detainees resort to hunger strikes

El Paso, Texas, and Conroe, Texas, respectively, have both recently been sites for immigrant detainees going on hunger strikes. In two unrelated stories, immigrants wanting asylum and being detained for indeterminate amounts of time have resorted to hunger strikes.  The … Continue reading

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2014’s solution for swelling refugee population in Amarillo

Amarillo is one of the top destinations for refugees, where the population of these residents swelled in 2012. Since then , the city is struggling to keep up. They speak a multitude of different languages, which makes it hard for … Continue reading

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Cell phones and the 4th Amendment

“On Tuesday, the Supreme Court will consider whether law enforcement officers during an arrest may search the contents of a person’s mobile phone without a warrant. The court should recognize that new technologies do not alter basic Fourth Amendment principles, … Continue reading

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