Please recycle (if you can).

Or just use the materials to build an earthship if you can’t make the trip to 27th and Hayes. Maybe I’ll take the cans and papers and build a dog house for the dog that I don’t have yet. This could be a good opportunity for people to really experiment with art, sculpture and structure from recycled materials. I’ve seen large living room rugs woven out of plastic bags. This stuff isn’t impossible. In fact, people can really get crafty and make furniture and stuff from garbage. I’ve done it. I was really, really poor at the time and I had to.

Houston has a plan. Their plan involves no longer sorting the recycling and putting all their recycling in the same containers. I admire their desire to make recycling as easy on people as possible, but recycling is a favor we’re doing for the planet, as in part of a conscientious effort to be nicer to it. Making it convenient would be like Facebookifying our relations with the environment.

Anyway, people need a better public recycling company in Amarillo.

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