Champion of First Amendment Rights Stops in Amarillo

The Tinker Tour stopped in Amarillo today to give a talk to 800 students and parents at Randall High School. Mary Beth Tinker was singled out and punished at the age of 13 in 1965 for wearing a black armband to school in a gesture to protest the Vietnam War. The Des Moines, Iowa school district at first made wearing the armbands a punishable offense in school, threatening to suspend students who wore them. Mary Beth continued to wear the armband with its peace sign, and was suspended along with 4 other students. Her family started getting death threats. Eventually the Iowa Civil Liberties Union stepped in, they took it to an Iowa district court, and it went to the Supreme Court. It was ruled that the school rule and the suspending of the kids violated their First Amendment Rights.

Mary Beth goes around to schools today to give talks to students on First Amendment rights, and today she stopped in Amarillo

Tinker Tour

A HUGE crowd greeted the Tinker Tour at Randall High School in Amarillo on Wednesday. Just under 800 students and teachers gathered to hear Mary Beth…


…And they treated her like a rock star, asking for autographs…


…and selfies…


…and more autographs, for more than an hour after her talk!


There was just so much great energy, and it was wonderful to see how thrilled the teachers were at their students’ excitement in meeting Mary Beth.




Thanks to everyone who came out and made our visit so vibrant!

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