Amarillo, one of the last great American Classics

Photo of Tascosa Drive In in 1967. (From the Amarillo Graffiti site.)

As someone who’s oft called an “old soul,” I feel comfortable in the Rilla. I love the hints of classic Americana that are everywhere– the old architecture, Route 66, the rich, very layered history, and the history that people have with one another that spans years, even generations. There’s something special about that. Stuff that is now part of American myth is still alive and well here., the city’s largest dance, light, and entertainment company has a section of their website that’s full of old photos and memories. There’s a lovely gallery of photos of vintage Amarillo that reveals a town with a level of glamor that puts it up there with old Hollywood. Then there’s the comments section, where people reminisce about the old days.

The library’s old photo gallery has pages and pages of people and places in old Amarillo.
More here. In 2009, the Globe-News did a retrospective spread to celebrate the town’s 100th anniversary that features pictures, newspaper clippings throughout the years, 100 years of stories, and more.

The Shorpy historical photo archive of Amarillo has old pictures available for purchase.

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  1. tcbntx says:

    I see you already had that library link.

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