Amarillo Teen Court an alternative for teen offenders

Amarillo Teen Court is implementing a new program to help first-time offenders understand their actions and help give them a chance to improve their behavior. Volunteers can help teen offenders in order to help them have better futures and expunge offenses from criminal records. This program involves having the teens fulfill certain requirements in lieu of paying fines to law enforcement and sentences. Volunteers from Associated Supply Company, Inc. will assist to help with court proceedings. 

From press release from

Municipal Court Announces Partnership for Youth

Posted on Mar 31, 2014

“Amarillo, TX – Amarillo Teen Court has a new partner. Associated Supply Company, Inc. (ASCO) is partnering
with Teen Court to provide volunteers for court proceedings.

Teen Court is a program offering first-time offenders a chance to take responsibility for their actions.
They can complete certain requirements in lieu of paying fines and serving sentences handed down by the criminal justice system. Completing the program also keeps offenses from appearing on their record as convictions.

Volunteers from ASCO will assist Municipal Court staff during Teen Court by serving as courtroom
monitors, bailiff assistants and administrative clerks.

“We appreciate ASCO and its employees for their willingness to help,” says Juvenile Services Coordinator
Karla Abernethy-Thetford. “Teen Court is an opportunity to reach youth, encourage them to make better choices, learn responsibility, obey the law and respect the justice system.”

Courtney Vanderham of ASCO volunteered for Teen Court in the past and knew that it was a program employees
would support. She presented the idea and the positive response led Vanderham to contact the City and arrange for the company to provide volunteers at least once per month. Monty Bonjour, ASCO volunteer, says the experience has been positive.

“ASCO supports the community in any way we can,” Bonjour says. “We always do fundraisers and give money, but
we like to donate our time when we can.”

Those interested in volunteering for Teen Court may contact Abernethy-Thetford at 378-4224 or e-mail Court is held on Monday evenings from 5 to 7 p.m.”

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