Intolerably inhumane euthanasia practices at Amarillo Animal Control

Animal Control is under an ongoing investigation by the Amarillo Police Department for their euthanasia practices that are nowhere near up to state code. This happening just once is enough, but apparently, this has been going on for years.

Dr. Sarah Viera of Hope Veterinary Clinic saw the video and told Pronews 7 which humane standards were not met when the dog in the video was euthanized in a loading dock before being dragged to a truck.

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WARNING: This video may contain material sensitive to some viewers. The video shows an Amarillo Animal Control employee euthanizing an animal in such a way that did not meet “humane euthanasia standards put out by the American Veterinary Association or the Texas Administrative Code,” according to Dr. Viera.

via WARNING: Sensitive material – Animal Control video shows improper euthanasia practices.

Animal Rights groups are angry at the city, (but “group” could mean pretty much anyone who ever loved an animal and is offended by cruelty) and the City didn’t release a statement until today.

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