Craftivism and Helping TX womens’ reproductive rights? There’s an app for that.

Help Texas Women is an app for helping women navigate their lives within all the uterus legislation in Texas. The app shows you which legislators are uterus-friendly, provides their addresses for writing to them, and even shows you how to make a felt uterus or vagina. Why make a felt uterus or vagina? To send to legislators for good measure to remind them that there are women out there, real people who create things and care about their rights. It’s a form of craftivism, a way to get peoples’ attention through art, and it has a greater sense of immediacy than art hung in galleries and done as a reaction. 

The app is a little old, and some of the things on their agenda could use an update, but it’s a good resource for finding out what legislators are up to and writing to them through the app and the Help Texas Women group will forward them for you. The makers of the app work as activists to help keep funding for Planned Parenthood and changing abortion procedures so that they’ll be done in a fashion to help women feel less shamed. 

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