Texas Panhandle Fritch fire: status, ways to help, more

From ProNews7:

“As of 5:20p.m., the following stats have been released from the National Weather Service: 
Consumed 2,583 acres;
Destroyed 131 structures – 89 of which were homes;
The one fatality during the fire is not directly related to the fire;
1300 homes and 2100 people were evacuated; 
The fire is 60% contained.”




However, the beautiful altruistic spirit of the Panhandle is alive and well:

How to help out (You can donate a dollar at United and Market Street)


American Council for the Blind is taking Donations: “There are some businesses helping out emergency responders. American Council for the Blind is taking donations for wildfire victims. They are asking for clothing and toiletries. To reach them, 806-674-0801.”

Xcel Energy is doing what they can: “FRITCH — Xcel has disconnected power to 452 locations in the areas near Fritch and Lake Meredith affected by the wildfire. This was done to ensure the safety of firefighters in the area.

Xcel has gone into affected areas and removed burned poles and grounding the wires to stop the flow of power in the area.

Engineers will soon be allowed into the fire-affected area to assess the damage and develop a plan for restoration.

There are some homes undamaged by fire that are without power, and until Xcel can make an assessment, it is unclear when power will be restored to those customers.”

Always the best way to help out: heed burn bans and be careful with those cigarettes

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