The Dark, Dark Side of Agent Orange

The effects of Agent Orange linger, with both the people of Vietnam and with Veterans of the War. The defoliant used to get leaves off the trees contained high levels of dioxin, one of the most dangerous toxics currently known to science.

Now, more than forty years after the end of the Vietnam War, Agent Orange is back in the headlines as the United States and Vietnam partner to clean up sites in Vietnam still contaminated with dioxin. At the Danang Airport, where Agent Orange was once stored, contractors have built a “concrete oven” the size of a football field. The dioxin-laced soil, which over the decades has seeped into the water, and continued to afflict the Vietnamese, will be “cooked” under immense heat for several months. Scientists say the process will finally render the dioxin harmless. The containment was switched on April 19, 2014.


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