What’s up at Amarillo City Hall?

Good question. Why aren’t operations there more cohesive? Improper euthanasia is a problem- a huge problem. “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” – Mahatma Gandhi (That can apply to a town.) http://amarillo.com/opinion/opinion-columnist/weekly-opinion-columnist/2014-05-10/faulkner-animal-control-must-treat

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I posted a blog recently about the Amarillo Animal Control Department troubles and suggested that the verdict may be in on the fate of the two top animal control officials who have been put on “administrative leave.”

Let them go, I argued.

Then I got a comment from someone who said the city manager should take the fall for what’s going on at City Hall.

I’ve been thinking about that and my critic may have opened a possible discussion point that’s worth examining.

What about City Manager Jarrett Atkinson’s time at the City Hall helm? It’s been a bit of a rocky ride over there. Let me stipulate that I’ve known Atkinson for a number of years. I respect his knowledge on key issues, such as water management.

However …

I can count four significant missteps on Atkinson’s watch.

* Airport manager Scott Carr quit his job suddenly in 2010…

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