How Long Can Uranium Last? A Long Time Indeed

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Excellent summary by Charles Barton of this question at “The Nuclear Green Revolution

… Thus global Uranium land resources will be sufficient to supply the human population of the world for a few million years.

In addition, the sea contains a huge amount of disolved uranium. This is a sustainable resource because every year 32,000 tons of uranium flows into the sea. The Japanese have developed a uranium recovery from seawater technology, that is estimated to produce uranium at the cost of $100 a pound. Thus by adding to energy efficiency at a faster rate than the growth of energy demands, we can supply all human energy needs with the sustainable 32,000 for a very long period of time. We human beings are not as sustainable as uranium.

So far I have not mentioned thorium, which is in some respects an even better nuclear fuel than uranium. Geologists…

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