A/C in prison units possible

It’s high time that Texas prisons were air-conditioned. The extreme heat inside an already- confining environment only adds to stress. I’m not saying that life in prison should be like that at the Chateau Marmont, but lowering indoor temperatures to a reasonable 88 degrees is not a lot for prisoners to ask for. Inmates have sued for lower temperatures.

High Plains Blogger

I’m still trying to reach a decision on whether Texas prison units should be air conditioned.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice is being sued by the Texas Civil Rights Project and others on behalf of elderly and ailing inmates who contend the legendary Texas heat is too much for the inmates.

None of TDCJ’s prison units have air conditioning. They have fans that blow ambient around. TDCJ calls it good. Until now, it had been good enough for state’s prison inmates.


One issue that makes me lean in favor of providing A/C units in prison is a statement I heard shortly after I came to Amarillo to take up my job as editorial page editor of the newspaper.

I took a guided tour in 1995 of the William P. Clements Unit northeast of the city, a maximum-security lockdown. The then-deputy warden, Rick Hudson, took me on the tour…

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