Eat a peach this summer in the Lone Star State

Texas Agriculture Daily News
A festival of peaches

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

This year could be the best peach crop in recent years.

Outside Weatherford, the O’Bannon family peach trees are thriving. Jean O’Bannon said, “It is finally a good year and it’s about time,” according to an agency release.

Peach growers have weathered many years of late freezes, hail, extreme heat and drought, resulting in low harvest yields. This year’s rains and mild temperatures have been good for peach trees and the peaches may even be larger than seen in recent years.

For the Parker County Peach Festival, to be held Saturday, there should be an abundant supply of the signature fruit from local growers. In past years, the festival had to import peaches from other parts of Texas.

Approximately a dozen peach farms are in Parker County, but the county has always been known for its peaches. It has good sandy loam soil, the right climate and enough cold days for peaches to set fruit.

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