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Texas has its own handy website Order a birth certificate, send money to an inmate, collect lotto winnings, and renew your vehicle registration all from the homepage.

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The predatory, booming industry of property tax lending in Texas

This is a very informative and in-depth article on the business of property tax lending in Texas, where people borrow at high interest rates in order to pay off delinquent property taxes. It’s not at all consumer-friendly. It’s a booming … Continue reading

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The NYTimes on Stanley Marsh

From June 23rd: Stanley Marsh, Cadillac Rancher, Dies at 76, Shadowed by Charges By BRUCE WEBER JUNE 23, 2014 Stanley Marsh, the proudly eccentric and locally prominent millionaire who was best known for commissioning the public art project known as … Continue reading

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Is There Archie After Death?

Archie dies. It’s kind of awesome. Postmortem greatness. It’s a spinoff comic. It’s literally cultural post-postmodernism. Is the afterlife? I thought Archie would live forever. Either it’s true that Archie is now cult fodder or it means that we’re all … Continue reading

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Hunter S. Thompson: Huevos Rancheros

Originally posted on Paper and Salt:
Every day begins with breakfast, and every breakfast begins with a profound dilemma: Sweet or savory? For the reliably indecisive (myself included), reading a brunch menu is like watching two heavyweights sweat it out…

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Eat a peach this summer in the Lone Star State

Texas Agriculture Daily News A festival of peaches Tuesday, July 08, 2014 This year could be the best peach crop in recent years. Outside Weatherford, the O’Bannon family peach trees are thriving. Jean O’Bannon said, “It is finally a good … Continue reading

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Discussion of GMO foods program set for July 15, Dimmitt

From press release on Texas Ag Daily: Texas Agriculture Daily News Discussion of GMO foods program set for July 15, Dimmitt Monday, July 07, 2014 A program explaining the role of genetically modified organism (GMO) foods in the U.S. food … Continue reading

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“Texas Miracle” economy undermines workforce; citizens are fielding calls from citizens about unsafe working conditions

Texas Work Safety Hotline Upgraded by Jay Root, The Texas Tribune July 9, 2014 How disdain for government regulation sparked a “Texas miracle” economy — while tearing down protections for the workers who built it. More than 20 years after … Continue reading

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Still more ways to help Fritch, TX

The May fire damage in Fritch was significant, but it wasn’t enough for the town to get federal relief. For a long time, the area’s economy depended on tourism to Lake Meredith, whose water level has hit an all-time low. … Continue reading

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President Obama Can (and Should) Embrace the FOIA Improvements Act | Commentary

Learn more about the Freedom of Information Act, the law that gives us the right to access information from the federal government:

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