Wars And Strength

Amidst all the terrible, unconscionable things that happen every day, there’s a strength and resolve that comes from somewhere, some mysterious place. Who knows how people live through the things that they live through?

James Foley. Picture from FreeJamesFoley.org

James Foley. Picture from FreeJamesFoley.org

My heart goes out to the family of James Foley, wherever they are. Also I pray for the safety of the other journalists. They do a dangerous job and theirs is an overlooked and taken for granted profession. They’re in my thoughts.

My heart also goes out to all the unnamed POW’s, whether soldiers, civilians or journalists, the people we don’t read about in the news, the people whose plight is kept private and who have to suffer alone with their memories all of their lives. Somehow they can find a means to smile again and they are the heroes.



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