Another Plastic Island in South Atlantic

Plastic trash pollution on an Indonesia beach-- photo from Getty Images

Plastic trash pollution on an Indonesia beach– photo from Getty Images

The Terrifying True Story of the Garbage That Could Kill the Human Race

Where does plastic go? It never leaves completely. Pieces of plastic from almost 100 years ago are still floating in our oceans in some form. A new gyre– island of plastic garbage– was found in the South Atlantic. Plastics might do us all in. In this long tale of marine garbage hunting in the South Atlantic, the author expounds on previous research, other gyres, and how these gyres affect human life.

“That 60-year-old World War II souvenir confirmed what was long suspected: Plastic debris in the gyres wasn’t going anywhere but in endless circles. Indeed, all the petroleum-based plastic ever manufactured—the billiard balls of the 1870s, the nylon stockings of the 1930s, every tiddlywink and bit of sandwich wrap—is still somewhere among us.” –Bucky McMahon,

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