CVS stops selling all tobacco products

CVS drug stores nationwide stopped selling all tobacco products as of last night. They’re also changing their name to CVS Health. It’s a bold move that will cut their annual revenue significantly. The only smoking-related products that they’ll carry will be smoking cessation aids. The company wants to be known as one that promotes good health.

People trying to quit smoking may be comforted to see the red and white signs where the cigarettes used to be that read: “Let’s quit together.”

That’s one national chain that acknowledges its customers as sentient beings rather than commodities. On a personal note, I’ve had the same XtraCare card since 2003. We’ve been through a lot together in 11 years. I feel like a Gold member because when I do use the XtraCare card on a purchase, even if it’s just a pack of mints, I get a printout of about 8 useful coupons for things I’d actually buy with my receipt.

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