New Texas textbooks evaluated for bias

A report from the Texas Freedom Network Education Fund has declared that the information in social studies textbooks that have been adopted by the Texas State Board of Education contain inaccurate and biased information. These books, intended for Texas schools, were found by scholars to contain erroneous information based on ideology rather than historical data.

“Their findings say several textbooks include biased statements that inappropriately portray Muslims negatively, give a lack of attention to Native American peoples and culture and give undue legitimacy to neo-Confederate arguments about states’ rights and the legacy of slavery in the south, among other concerns. The scholars also said a number of government and world history textbooks “exaggerate Judeo-Christian influence” on the nation’s founding and have inaccurate accounts of other religions.

Ten university scholars reviewed the content of 43 history, government and geography textbooks that the State Board of Education is expected to adopt this fall. The State Board of Education will have a public hearing on the textbooks next week.”

–Melissa B. Taboada, Austin American-Statesman


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