Life In A Small Town

The AmarilloAlternativeNews Official Christmas Wish is for people to talk to each other in person this holiday. This blog endorses the idea of talking to people in person. What a great occasion to do so! It’s the holidays. Christmas, if it still has value in this over industrialized, teched-out society, should be a time to talk to people in person. Now more than ever, seeing other people during the holidays is crucial. This holiday, give someone the gift of seeing you in person. Really. It’s getting to be more and more of a rare and wonderful thing. You my dear are a rare holiday delicacy now. Seeing you is like a Harry and David gift box these days. For people to just SEE AND TALK TO EACH OTHER is like them exchanging salmon and beluga caviar at a party. To someone out there, you are a Harry and David gift box. To someone out there, you ARE the salmon and beluga caviar.

Some ways to talk to people in person:
Hand-deliver a Christmas card or a wreath. Go look up a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while. Go through your phone and send a random Merry Christmas text to that person you haven’t texted in over three months. If there’s someone you’ve been fighting with, make up. Reach out to a family member on the phone who lives far away. Check in with your cousin/sibling/aunt/uncle on the other side of the country or town. Surprise a neighbor who you never talk to with a Christmas dish that you made. Put aside money to give to a homeless person and surprise the hell out of them with that money you saved up, and a Christmas card that says, “I believe in you.” Smile at someone you don’t normally smile at. They won’t know what hit them. These are just some ideas to get you (as well as me) going on this idea of talking to other people in person. But as you think of it, you’ll have many beautiful ideas of your own.

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