Privacy Battles

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While I’m glad that a jury added to the payout load for a media entity for a privacy violation, I wonder what we all have to do to get this same kind of restitution. We can’t all be Hulk Hogan. A typical day on Facebook yields this same kind of crap. Facebook is merely the Gawker for the EveryManWomanChild, its bored users reading too much into stuff. We should all be able to sue for all leakings and misunderstandings. Wasn’t there something about how Mark’s ex girlfriend did that in the (of course “fictional”) movie The Social Network? 

There’s what people sue for, and there’s what actually happened. But money exists. So who cares what happened? It’s better to set a precedent with a wrestler for to get the American people’s attention on the topic of just how disgusting the mainstream media can be. I’m down with that. I like how people sue the media for crawling up people’s asses though. Thank you, Hulk Hogan. This could be a fun trend, calling that out. Violating privacy to get more clicks is a tacky practice, anyway. I mean, what is that? God forbid web sites should generate revenue with real journalism. 

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