“The best songs feel like they’ve always been here”

–Merle Haggard.

The Working Man’s Poet has died at age 79 on his birthday

(Image: digplanet.com/ Creative Commons)

There’s a good Rolling Stone interview with him from 2010. He was magical and ahead of his time.

He called out the lies of Fox News.

He got his high school diploma at age 78-– even after he’d already received a Kennedy Center Honor.

He was a beautiful writer, and he penned an article himself about his old friend, a singer from East Texas named George Jones. 

The best people feel like they’ve always been there, too.

In his article about George Jones:

It began a love affair between us, because we loved each other’s stuff so much. In 1967, I released a ballad called “I Threw Away the Rose,” and he was so impressed he actually jumped ship and left his tour, rented a Learjet and came to Amarillo, Texas. He told me my low note changed his life. He also folded my steel guitarist Fuzzy Owen into a rollaway bed and rolled him out on the street.
Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/merle-haggard-remembers-george-jones-20130506#ixzz456ieFEjF 

“The first time we met

Is a favorite memory of mine

They say time changes all it pertains to

But your memory is stronger than time”

–Merle Haggard, “My Favorite Memory”

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