Florida anarchist makes day 

“What’s on your mind?” Some people answer that question seen daily, a fixture of daily life, on Facebook. It’s an open ended statement that they leave and no one knows who exactly they’re addressing unless they say.  Some go right to the person who they have something to say to and simply tell them. 

…such as Cara Jennings, addressing the governor of Florida at Starbucks yesterday.

“You stripped women of access to public healthcare!” Then she called him an asshole. Her diatribe stemmed from Medicaid cuts. 

Former Lake Worth commissioner Cara Jennings let the governor of Florida know what was on her mind at a Starbucks in Gainesville. It was caught on video.

Cara was one of the original radical cheerleaders, which she started with her sisters in the 90’s. She talks about why she went off on him in this interview

I haven’t seen Cara in years but I’m proud to call her a childhood friend. She inspires me. Cara, LaurenKrautFrom 540/ theIsland supports you. 

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