Protesting Trump because we can

  (Photo by Scott Lynch/ Gothamist)

It’s been an interesting week in New York. People are tired of things and still protesting things. They’re tired of corruption, they’re tired of closed primaries, they’re tired of lies. Few American cities feel the effects of trickle-down economics as much as New York City. This week, there was the Hilary/ Bernie debate in Brooklyn at the Navy Yard, and the Trump protest in midtown.

New York isn’t shy about saying what it thinks. There’s a number to call in case you get arrested in a protest: that of the National Lawyers Guild

Of course, the New York anti-Trump protest of April 14, wasn’t largely covered by the mainstream media. 

tip: If you’re sprayed with pepper spray, water makes it worse. This is why protesters bring milk or milk of magnesia with them. Milk is better for alleviating the pain and effects than water.   (Photo by Scott Lynch/ Gothamist)

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