Why aren’t Facebook and the Semantic Web regulated?


Finally that idea is making it into the mainstream media. I thought there were anti-monopoly laws. I thought that our government liked the idea of fair competition on behalf of consumers.

“This is ghetto, this is corporate; they’re taking your energy and you’re getting nothing in return.” — Matt Drudge

“It’s already well known that Facebook in particular is censoring news articles critical of government policies, so conservative and libertarian activists who predominantly use Facebook are easily silenced by the establishment.” — Kit Daniels, Infowars

Go here for more. If the European Union is giving Google a hard time about violating anti-trust laws, why isn’t FB subject to the same scrutiny?

Remember when we got on Commodore-64’s to play Minesweeper and Impossible Mission? Remember when we weren’t forced to see computers as a business model? It was nice. Maybe that was meant to last for all of 6 months, long enough to make us mere consumers feel we had some power so we’d buy, but it was nice.

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