For Earth Day…

Let’s take heart from the abolition movement. This earth day article is three years old. Its a good essay. On Earth Day three years later, Harriet Tubman, we’re told, will be on twenty dollar bills. Some are happy about this, some are not. 

  ( Creative Commons)

The point is not that we should copy abolitionists’ tactics, but that we should learn from their hope, from their tenacity, and from their willingness to defy those who put profit above humanity. And like the abolitionists, we should refuse to accept what the wealthy and powerful present as the “inevitable.”

Every Earth Day, some of us are tempted to say things like “We live on the same planet; we’re all in this together.” But no, we’re not. Last year, Exxon made almost $45 billion profit, while the superstorms and rising seas of global climate chaos forced people around the world to flee their homes. Yachts and villas for some; misery and insecurity for others. As the journalist and activist Naomi Klein has said, “[W]ith the fossil fuel industry, wrecking the planet is their business model. It’s what they do.”

–Bill Bigelow, Zinn Education Project


Also, there is formal acknowledgement of climate change. 120 countries signed a pact to lower greenhouse-gas emissions

(Video by UNTV, via Reuters)

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