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Amarillo refugee issue is back

Yesterday, Mayor Paul Harpole voiced his concerns about refugee numbers in Amarillo to the Senate Committee on Health and Human Services. He wants the state to be more considerate of the strain that the number of refugees puts on the … Continue reading

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Florida anarchist makes day 

“What’s on your mind?” Some people answer that question seen daily, a fixture of daily life, on Facebook. It’s an open ended statement that they leave and no one knows who exactly they’re addressing unless they say.  Some go right … Continue reading

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“The best songs feel like they’ve always been here”

–Merle Haggard. The Working Man’s Poet has died at age 79 on his birthday.     (Image: Creative Commons) There’s a good Rolling Stone interview with him from 2010. He was magical and ahead of his time. He called out the … Continue reading

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Mississippi, North Carolina legalize discrimination in new laws

Mississippi Anti-Gay Tourism Video from Funny Or Die Mississippi pretty much does away with “separation of church and state” idea and North Carolina makes too big of a deal about gender identity.  “This is a sad day for the state … Continue reading

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Devils and Dust

Springtime in Amarillo is it? You be safe out there. Damn dust.

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Panama Papers Reveal Offshore Banking Styles of the Rich and Famous

A Panama law firm had many clients whose business with them comprised what are called the Panama Papers, which reveal the banking habits of many public figures around the world. The papers were reportedly revealed by an anonymous source at … Continue reading

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Look at the Pictures: Mapplethorpe for the people

“Art is an accurate statement of the time in which it is made” –Robert Mapplethorpe    (Portrait of Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith, via So many turned down exhibiting his work, yet he still matters.  He brought eroticism into … Continue reading

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Drilling triggers quakes

In TX, OK, NM, KS and AR., so much drilling renders these areas shaky.     (Photo: Indigoprime/ Creative Commons)

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Fighting for the Share Economy

   (Image: Many locales stifle the economic growth and innovation that comes with the advent of “Share-Economy” services like AirBnB. This happened in Athens, OH, but it could happen anywhere. This article via Medium raises an important concept: as … Continue reading

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Attacks in Brussels kill 34

   (Image: Jean Plantureux of Le Monde) Attacks in a Brussels airport and subway station have reportedly killed 34 and wounded well over 100 others. ISIS has already claimed responsibility, citing Belgium being a member of the international coalition against … Continue reading

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