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It’s up to you, NY

Election reform advocates bashed New York’s closed primary system for leaving millions of voters locked out of next Tuesday’s presidential primary. The state has a closed primary, only allowing people registered with a particular party to cast ballots in that … Continue reading

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How Red is Texas?

Analysis: How Red is Texas? Count the Ways. by Ross Ramsey, The Texas Tribune Nov. 28, 2014 Texas, a hothouse for Republicans, is a decidedly hostile environment for Democrats. If that was not obvious in the first readings of election … Continue reading

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Two Texas republicans battle it out in Iowa

Senator Ted Cruz and governor Rick Perry begin their race for the republican presidential nomination this weekend in the Iowa primaries. This should be interesting. http://www.dallasnews.com/news/politics/state-politics/20140808-with-national-ambitions-ted-cruz-and-rick-perry-ramp-up-rivalry.ece

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