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Two Texas republicans battle it out in Iowa

Senator Ted Cruz and governor Rick Perry begin their race for the republican presidential nomination this weekend in the Iowa primaries. This should be interesting. http://www.dallasnews.com/news/politics/state-politics/20140808-with-national-ambitions-ted-cruz-and-rick-perry-ramp-up-rivalry.ece

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Rick Perry opts to not instate prison rape guidelines to protect minors in TX

  Mother’s fight to improve prison conditions in TX for boys by separating them from men after the suicide of her son after repeated rapes is acknowledged in every state but Texas, where it all happened.  The mother herself passed … Continue reading

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Oh Rick Perry, you stop that

Rick Perry is campaigning across the country to try to bring more revenue and jobs into Texas. As a means of campaigning for president, he’s showing off that he knows how to take from others. He’s also hired a lawyer … Continue reading

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Radioactive waste comes to West Texas

Radioactive waste from Los Alamos arrived in Andrews, Texas over a week ago. Up to 10 shipments per week are expected in the near future. There, it will be stored for up to a year. This is backed by governor … Continue reading

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