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World’s Oldest Water Found in Earth’s Crust

There’s more of it than was thought deep in the earth’s crust. Scientists studying Canadian, South African and Scandinavian mines, respectively, have arrived at this discovery. There’s more of it than previously speculated (2.5 cubic miles), and it also has … Continue reading

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Pumping Water From Lake Meredith Once More

In Panhandle, a Growing Need for a Shallow Lake’s Water by Neena Satija, The Texas Tribune Aug. 8, 2014 In a sign of just how strapped the Texas Panhandle and South Plains are for water supplies, water systems in the … Continue reading

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What’s really sucking the water out of Texas? How greed, drought, and overdevelopment are sucking Texas dry. Photo from Men’s Journal

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A lot of Texas Water situations aren’t ideal and picturesque and re-use wastewater

Wichita Falls’ water supply is so dwindled that they’ve had to explore the option of used sewer water.  This is nothing new, though and it’s been going on for a long time in Texas cities. These plans for Wichita Falls … Continue reading

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Texas Panhandle communities may run out of water in 90 days

It’s getting that bad. “Saving 20 gallons a day” could make a huge difference. http://watrnews.com/2014/04/texas-panhandle-communities-may-run-water-90-days/#.U0cfcpW1w01

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