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Best indie radio

   (Image: Is out of Taos and at least a hundred others but Taos is just one. So is Amarillo College. The former: One of the oldest and still the best. There are tons of good ‘uns out there. … Continue reading

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Drilling triggers quakes

In TX, OK, NM, KS and AR., so much drilling renders these areas shaky.     (Photo: Indigoprime/ Creative Commons)

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Man Climbed Tree Because He Wanted To Be Left Alone

That’s allowed, you know. I bet he didn’t climb up there to look at his phone and check Facebook, either.    (Image: If a man climbing a tree makes national headlines, this is a sign that people are looking … Continue reading

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Fighting for the Share Economy

   (Image: Many locales stifle the economic growth and innovation that comes with the advent of “Share-Economy” services like AirBnB. This happened in Athens, OH, but it could happen anywhere. This article via Medium raises an important concept: as … Continue reading

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Attacks in Brussels kill 34

   (Image: Jean Plantureux of Le Monde) Attacks in a Brussels airport and subway station have reportedly killed 34 and wounded well over 100 others. ISIS has already claimed responsibility, citing Belgium being a member of the international coalition against … Continue reading

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The State of Weed in Texas

It’s still illegal, but it could happen, and it’s ready. The 2015 Compassionate Use Act says that doctors can prescribe cannabidiol oil for epilepsy, but due to federal law, it can only be “recommended” by doctors, a pretty obvious stalemate … Continue reading

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Privacy Battles

   While I’m glad that a jury added to the payout load for a media entity for a privacy violation, I wonder what we all have to do to get this same kind of restitution. We can’t all be Hulk … Continue reading

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Men and Inequality: The Double-Edged Sword

(repost)    (Image via I’d long been afraid of men. They get angry in a way that I don’t, and they seem to respond to their own source of stress, a stress that I couldn’t identify with. For that … Continue reading

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Texas Talks to Focus on Women

An upcoming lecture at the Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum in Canyon will be centered on pioneering women in the history of the state. Continue reading

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