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If you vote for him, that’s your problem.

  It was a terrible day at that 7-Eleven. Not a slurpie could be saved.

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San Antonio cop guilty of child abuse

You know we live in a sick society when you have to use “officer body slams girl” as search terms to get different perspectives. Disgusting. I can’t even.

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It really is all around 

Sitting here on the beach trying to stay awake and I notice as I wait for the sunset a little shell with love on it. It’s been there the whole time. Of all the things to notice right next to me. … Continue reading

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American Dick

Dicks are fine, first of all. They have an important function. If we’re going to call it a “Man’s World,” if that’s really how it is, then we must acknowledge that the world runs on dick. Amarillo is a version … Continue reading

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Trump: Making gong-ringers happy everywhere

It’s like watching bad porn. Maybe his story can be a cautionary tale.  Watching presidential elections unfold is not unlike watching and participating in a gong show. Enticing people, holding their attention, creating a mystique about one’s self is a … Continue reading

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Panama Papers Reveal Offshore Banking Styles of the Rich and Famous

A Panama law firm had many clients whose business with them comprised what are called the Panama Papers, which reveal the banking habits of many public figures around the world. The papers were reportedly revealed by an anonymous source at … Continue reading

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The Truth Doesn’t Wait For Shitty Dimensions

Last night I dreamed I was playing Eve,Some watered-down version Simplified, marketable As in a K-Mart circular And asked my brain, while still asleep, to dream about something else cause I was bored and disgusted The great thing about lucidity: … Continue reading

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Transforming the Walk of Fame with #blacklivesmatter

People are making the Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard famous for a different reason: it can also be a place for activism. (I think.) Activists have made some of the empty tiles into tributes to those who have been … Continue reading

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Best indie radio

   (Image: Is out of Taos and at least a hundred others but Taos is just one. So is Amarillo College. The former: One of the oldest and still the best. There are tons of good ‘uns out there. … Continue reading

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Drilling triggers quakes

In TX, OK, NM, KS and AR., so much drilling renders these areas shaky.     (Photo: Indigoprime/ Creative Commons)

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